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I provide editorial services for a wide range of business and personal needs: both copy and comprehensive editing, proofreading, manuals and brochures, marketing and advertising material, SEO-optimized content, articles, blogs, social media for public image enhancement, and more.

I will do whatever research is necessary to understand client, product, and customer base so that I can shape your documentation into its best form prior to publication.

Please contact me at for rates, along with your personal/business information, project information, duration, and goals.

Although I love working for and collaborating with people in the worlds of art and entertainment, I take on a diverse range of clients and projects.  Please provide as much information as possible in your requests, including links to personal or business websites and social media pages.  I put forth a grand amount of research into each project I take on, and the more I know, the more I can help.  

Don't be afraid to reach out and ask questions; the "Contact Us" link is also available for any inquiries you may have; feel free to shoot me a note.